John Galt Coffee Company @ The Atlas Theater

February 2013 @ John Galt

1 - Fri - First Friday 

gallery opening: Kelly Cook

5-8 pm admission Free

7 - Thur - Photography as art 

6-8 pm register at door $25

Name: Matthew Angelo/Amber Anderson        

Email: or

Name of your class: Intro to Photography

Description of class:

 With this class, we will go through the basic of photography.  Lighting/exposure, composition, technique, editing, how to use the manual settings on a camera and a brief history of photography. 

Age group:

Anyone willing to learn.  Teen to adult.  Photography is an art form that any age demographic can enjoy. 

Skills or materials needed by students:

A DSLR camera and a notebook/pen



8 - Fri - Art Garage Sale

5-8 pm admission Free

9 - Sat - Belly Gras

6 pm - $7 - kids under 12 free

13 - Wed - Atlas City: Smashing gods

6 pm - admission and child care free

27 - Wed - Art History

6-7:30 register at door $7

Name: Sarah Redman                                                          P


Day job: Student, Potter, Studio Technician, Research Assistant, Art History Tutor

Name of your class: Ancient Greek Art History

Description of class:

My class would consist of six sessions covering the relevant history and artistic developments in Ancient Greece. I would cover the Dark Ages, the Proto-Geometric, Geometric, Orientalizing, Archaic, Early Classical, High Classical, Late Classical and Hellenist periods, give examples of how and why each period differs, and concretely link art of the classical world to contemporary iconography in our culture.

Age group:

I am seeking adult students, 18 and up, who do not have the time or money to invest in a college art history course but are interested in the subject. My class will be most beneficial for artists desiring a Classical historical background to incorporate into their own work, people interested in Greek history, and those who have studied Greek art history but desire a refresher course in this specialized content area.

Skills or materials needed by students:


For more information on an event  


Mon - Sat

9am - Midnight


Noon- Midnight

709 16th Street

Greeley, Colorado


Mug to stay + 2 refills: $1.70

Coffee To-go: 

- 8 oz $0.94

- 12 oz $1.45

- 16 oz $1.70

- 20 oz $2.00

Pour over - $2.75

Aero Press - $1.95


- 16 oz $3.95

- 20 oz $5.95

French Press: 

-  32 oz $3.95

- 50 oz $5.95


- 16 oz $2.50

- 20 oz $3.00


- 20 oz $2.50


 * Allegro and Novo coffees

* Two Leaves and a Bud Teas

* Earnest Eats Treats

* Alternative Baking Company Cookies

* Barista Pro Shop Fresh Sweet Breads

709 16th Street, Greeley, Co | 970-356-1131

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